Kind ITE student helps blind woman up the bus -- and even ensures she gets a seat

A kind-hearted Institute of Technical Education (ITE) student was seen helping a visually disabled woman board a bus on July 27.

Stomper Eddy brought Stomp to the attention of a post on Twitter page @ITECONFESSIONS1.

The poster wrote that he was moved when he saw the student help the woman and even make sure she had a seat.

The poster wrote:

"I felt so moved so I feel the need to post this here lol.

"But really, thank you for what you did!"

Eddy was also inspired by the kind deed and told Stomp:

"Despite the stigma ITE students face, we can see from recent cases that more and more ITE students are doing good in public and do not even know they are being watched. 

"I think this kind of event reflects on the values that each Singaporean should hold and that is kindness. 

"It is the smallest kind act like this that would make a difference to our community especially with all that is going around in the world today. 

"I hope not only students, but everyone can go forward and help anyone they see that are in need."