Kind cabby fetches passenger with injured leg a wheelchair -- then helps push him into hospital

A man took to social media to thank a cabby who helped him when he had to be pushed into a clinic on a wheelchair.

The man, Arfan Lateef, said that he had injured his leg and went to a clinic on July 2, but was told to go to a hospital instead.

He waited for a cab at Dawson Road, ab=nd eventually flagged Comfort taxi SHB 4012 J. 

"Once I had reached A&E, the kind taxi driver asked me to wait while he went to fetch a wheelchair for me," said Arfan.

"As I'm heavy, he had to use all his strength to push me up the slope.

"I felt so touched by the taxi driver. He was so helpful and concerned about me.

"Thank you so much. And I did not even get to know his name."