Expat woman's faith in S'poreans restored after Old Airport Rd hawkers return her wallet -- with $1,000 intact

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Stomper Remona said one too bad incidents had left her feeling that Singaporeans were cold -- until she met these awesome hawkers at Old Airport Road Food Centre.

The incident that restored her faith in Singaporeans happened a few months ago, said Remona, and she wished to thank the elderly couple through a post on Stomp.

Remona elaborates on the bad incidents that happened to her in Singapore, and the kind deeds of the hawkers:

"I am an expatriate lady." 

"Initially when I came to Singapore I accidentally got myself locked out of my condo on the first day. 

"I tried to approach the security staff and some neighbors for aid in finding a locksmith but no one was willing to help.

"In the end I had to get help from some of my friends whom I know came to Singapore to work earlier.

"Over the next few days, the parcels (over 30kg) I sent from my hometown to Singapore arrived at SingPost.

"Being new in Singapore, I did not know how to book a taxi then.

"So I tried to hail a taxi but most cabbies ignored me as the distance was short and the parcels were bulky.

"It took me almost an hour before I finally hailed a cab.

"All these experiences made me feel quite cold in Singapore at that point of time.

"Recently I was having lunch at a hawker center at Old Airport Road Food Centre and I forgot my wallet. 

"It contained SGD$1,000, my credit cards and my employment pass.

"Fortunately, the kind stall owners from London Grill Fried Chicken and Western Food (#01-08) noticed it and kept it for me.

"They found my business card and tried to call my company.

"But because I was still new in the company the reception probably did not know me yet so she told them that there was no such person.

"Eventually they sent me an email with the help of others as they are elderly and are not familiar with emails.

"This incident made me feel very warm about Singapore and Singaporeans, who are very kind and honest.

"Thus, I am writing this article to show my appreciation to the kind stall owners.

"The food the stall sells is also very yummy especially the crispy chicken cutlet."