Cheerful cabby takes service to the next level -- by offering free wi-fi

Stomper Kumar was impressed by a thoughtful taxi driver who went the extra mile by providing extraordinary customer service.

The Stomper boarded the SMRT taxi SHB932E from the airport at about 12.30pm yesterday (Jan 24), and was greeted by a friendly taxi driver named Alex.

He noticed that a copy of the Street Directory was left near the seats for passengers to browse through, and was even asked if he needed wi-fi on board.

The Stomper later found out that the taxi driver decided to provide free wi-fi on board, just so that foreign passengers picked up from the airport are able to inform their loved ones of their safe arrival, even before they reach their hotels.

The Stomper said:

"Alex was very helpful,  modest and cheerful throughout the ride."

"Thank you for redefining customer service, and taking it to the next level!"

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