Bravo! Hindu devotees save pedestrian's life by performing CPR after he collapsed at Serangoon Road

Submitted by Stomper Nathan

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A group of devotees were on their way to the temple on Oct 23 when they came across a man who had fainted and was lying on the ground.

They then performed cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the man and revived him.

Stomper Nathan said his cousin had witnessed the incident, which took place near the Shell station along Serangoon Road at around 4pm.

Nathan told Stomp in a phone interview:

"Fortunately, he was revived.

"The devotees kept pumping till the ambulance came with equipment and he started breathing.

"If no CPR was done, he might have gone. Thank god...

"Bravo, you guys saved a life... Blessings upon you and your family always."

Nathan said that he decided to share what happened with Stomp as he feels that these men deserves to be recognised.