Bad dealing experience becomes unforgettable one for Stomper who bought Seiko watch on Carousell

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Stomper Grateful got more than what he bargained for after trying to get a refund for a Seiko watch he bought on Carousell.

He shared his heartwarming story with Stomp in an email:

"I bought a second-hand Seiko watch on Carousell for $65 on Jul 16.

"I noticed a small chipped edge on the glass of the watch and texted the seller hoping for a refund.

"The seller had previously claimed that the watch was perfectly fine and that there were no noteworthy issues. I went to look at his ad post again and zoomed in on the picture - I noticed the same chipped edge there. 

"Although the seller did withhold information regarding this flaw on the watch (perhaps unknowingly), I am also at fault for not being meticulous enough and checking through thoroughly. 

"I texted him to request for a refund and offered to compensate him for his transport as I was partially at fault too (also hoping to increase the chances of securing a response). I was very worried that the seller may not even respond. 
Luckily, he did.

"I was feeling rather depressed about the whole experience as I was settling all these (he was travelling and I had to constantly get updates on his location), I still had to make sure that I'll be on time to teach a 2pm class. 

"Nevertheless, we managed to agree on a meeting location and I rushed there immediately hoping for the best. What happened next truly amazed me. 

"When I managed to meet him again, he told me that he sincerely did not know about the chipped edge. However, not only did he refund me the $65, he told me to keep the watch. 

"He said that even if he were to take it back, he would have to repost it and try to sell it again anyway. Despite my repeated refusal, he kept on insisting that I keep it and take it as some sort of a birthday present or something.

"Till now, I still don't know what to make of this whole saga. I'm just really amazed and thankful. 

"Knowing that it was my first time buying a Seiko watch and that I am very interested in the brand (as it means success), he even introduced me to a shop which he says sells Seiko watch at a cheaper rate. 

"Through our conversation, I got to know that he is a foreign student currently studying at BCA academy. I am sharing this story for 3 purposes: 

"1) I would like to commend the seller for his honesty and integrity in acknowledging the defects and providing restitution to the buyer. I believe such an act is laudable and would definitely make the thriving second-hand market a better place for everyone 

"2) I would like to, hopefully, quell some xenophobia in Singapore. As exemplified by this seller, the virtues of integrity and generosity are not characteristics of any particular nationality. I believe this applies to negative ones as well. We should really not discriminate against an entire group and/or nation. Every individual is different. 

"3) I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to this seller for his generosity.... and for flipping my experience into a very memorable (though puzzling as well) one.

"Thank you."