Generous customer makes Foodpanda rider's night despite contactless delivery

Submitted by Stomper Alexander

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Contactless delivery might be the norm now in the time of Covid-19, but that should not stop us from performing acts of kindness.

Stomper Alexander shared how his friend, a Foodpanda deliveryman, encountered a generous customer in the wee hours of Friday (Aug 7) at around 2am.

Even though it was a contactless delivery, the customer at Block 726 Tampines Street 71 had left a plastic bag at the gate for Alexander's friend.

The plastic bag contained a thank-you note and tips.

Alexander told Stomp: "Despite the contactless delivery, the customer made the effort to hang this at the gate.

"My friend was tired after a long day of work, but this gesture by the kind customer made his night. We are so touched by it."