Gas tank explodes just as Malaysian woman about to heat food up

A 20-year-old Malaysian woman was injured after her gas tank exploded -- just as she was about to heat up food.

The incident happened yesterday (Jun 21) at around 9.50am, in the woman’s home, a two-storey shop house in Taman Seremban Jaya, Malaysia, reports The Coverage

The explosion left a five percent burn on the victim’s hands and legs.

According to Operations Leader of the Fire and Rescue Department of Senawang, the firefighters reached the scene at around 10.12am. 

The victim is currently receiving treatment in a private hospital and is understood to be out of danger.

Unfortunately though, a lot of items in the house were broken by the blast. 

Preliminary investigations uncovered a leak from a tube on the gas tank.

The problem was further compounded by the lack of ventilation, as the kitchen in which the gas tank was place had no windows.