Garbage truck driver continuously sounds horn at Blk 560 Jurong West St 42, disturbing residents' peace

Submitted by Stomper Mew

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Stomper Mew is at her wit's end regarding a garbage truck driver who regularly sounds his horn continuously at her neighbourhood carpark at Block 560 Jurong West Street 42.

According to Mew, the sound has caused great nuisance to her family especially considering the fact that she has a baby at home.

She added that the horn can often go on continuously for as long as three minutes.

"The loud sounding of the horn has often startled our child.

"I previously called Colex, the waste management company that owns the truck, to give feedback on this inconsiderate behaviour but this has not improved the situation.

"According to the company's call centre staff, it is normal for the driver to sound his horn if there are people blocking the road.

"They said it's because cars parked illegally block his way.

"However, may I ask, is a horn going on continuously for three minutes deemed as normal?"