Gambling addict steals from family $30k worth of items within 2 weeks, gets turned in by sister

A man stole $30,000 worth of items including luxury goods from his mother and sister in the span of two weeks.

The incident happened between May 30 and June 12, 2017, at a condominium along Terrasse Lane in Yio Chu Kang, reports Shin Min Daily News

The suspect, Huang Guan Hao, 27, was arrested after his sister called the police on him.

He was sentenced to 4 months’ jail for the thefts. 

The court heard that Huang, an Uber driver, stole a Chanel bag worth $5,000 from his mother on May 30, 2017.

The gambling addict then sold off the bag, using the money to gamble at Marina Bay Sands Casino. 

Huang lost it all within a week and decided to steal again to finance his addiction. 

On the morning of June 7, 2017, Huang struck again, opening the cabinet in which his mother stored her luxury bags, and took three bags worth about $10,000 in total.

He then pawned them off at a shop and got about $2,150 back.

Huang took the money to the casino to gamble again. 

To recoup his losses, Huang planned to steal his sister’s Rolex watch.

He hired a locksmith on June 12 and secretly opened the cabinet in his sister’s room, making off with a watch worth $14,658, which he pawned off for $7,500.

Huang gambled the money away within a few days. 

His sister found out about the thefts the following day after Huang lost the money, and called the police.