Gambling addict loses more than $2 million, refuses to pay ex-wife alimony

A woman got divorced from her husband, who gambled away at least $2 million,  but to date, has not received any of the $1,800 alimony fees since their separation six months ago.

Ms Zhang, 36, who comes from China, told Shin Min Daily News that she has worked in Singapore for many years, and got to know her 31-year-old ex-husband, Mr Lin, online. 

The couple dated for a year before getting married in 2010. 

They have two daughters, aged five and six. 

Said Ms Zhang:

“At that time, he was earning more than $6,000 monthly. After giving birth, I stayed home to bring up our children.

“I thought we had a wonderful family. I didn’t know he was a gambling addict and spent on the lottery, Toto and even stocks. He virtually had no money for the family’s daily expenses. 

“I had to bring our children back to China so my parents can help look after them.”

Ms Zhang said that her ex-husband’s gambling addiction exhausted their savings.

Not only that, he also squandered the money from the sale of their house, as well as that of his parents, which amounts to more than $2 million.

She lamented:

“In the end, he even lost his job. He never recovered from that.”

In 2015, Ms Zhang filed for a divorce which was finalised in August 2017.

According to Shin Min Daily News, the court ordered Mr Lin to pay $1,500 monthly as expenses for the children, and another $300 separately for Ms Zhang. 

Mr Lin was also ordered to transfer $175,000 worth of assets to Ms Zhang as part of the divorce settlement. 

Said Ms Zhang:

“It’s been half a year, but he hasn’t given us a single cent. He refuses to find a job or take responsibility for his actions. It’s just tragic.”

To force her ex-husband to pay up, Ms Zhang, who learnt English on her own, is prepared to take legal action against him, representing herself in court.

She said:

“I have no money for a lawyer, but for the sake of my daughters, I learnt English through some translation software. I also studied English during my primary school."

Ms Zhang added that she only wishes to get back what belongs to her and the children so that she can begin her life anew.