FYI: Repainting an oBike to a new colour still doesn't make it yours

Submitted by Stomper Mani

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As bike sharing schemes become prevalent in Singapore, the number of bicycle abuse cases have also gone up.

Yesterday (Aug 5) at around 12pm, Stomper Mani came across an oBike which had been repainted green at the void deck of Block 21, Eunos Crescent. 

The electronic lock which was supposed to secure the rear wheel of the bicycle had been disabled, and painted over with a fresh coat of paint.

The new paint made it impossible to read the QR code on the bicycle which is needed to unlock the bicycle.

The oBike was also chained to a pipe with a bicycle lock. 

Said Mani:

“I feel this is too much.

“Especially when you abuse public property to the point that other people cannot use them.”

According to Mani, the oBike had been there for over a week, although he had not actually seen the person using it.