Fujian burglar tries to escape by acting as ghost -- but gets caught anyway

A burglar in Jinjiang, China's Fujian province thought that he could escape a crime scene unnoticed by disguising himself as a ghost -- but he thought wrong.

CCTV footage circulating online shows the man first sneaking around in a residential building and peeking out from a corner, only to discover a security camera in the corridor.

He then returned 20 minutes later with a large sheet draped over himself and tried to shuffle past the camera.

According to online reports, he was trying to act as a supernatural entity.

Unfortunately, his efforts proved to be futile as his face had already been captured on camera the first time and police managed to swiftly track him down.

They discovered that the man had cut down a curtain on the first floor for his disguise.

Although the man did not actually manage to steal anything from the building, he admitted to other crimes while being interrogated and was detained.