From rebel in secondary school to model student: ITE award winner shares his drive to excel

This article was contributed by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE).

Aw Hong Wei
Nitec in Finance Services @ ITE College Central
Recipient of Lee Kuan Yew Model Student Award

Driven to Excel

Rebellious, uninterested in studying, having fun – these words summed up Aw Hong Wei’s secondary school life.

Fortunately for him, Hong Wei is also self-motivated, ambitious and possesses a strong sense of responsibility.

The Spectra Secondary School graduate got back on track in time to successfully enrol at ITE under the Early Admissions Exercise, and has not looked back since.

While at ITE, Hong Wei had to juggle part-time work, two CCAs with heavy responsibilities, volunteer in activities and his studies.

Despite his hectic schedule, Hong Wei treasured each moment as it has helped him build up mental resilience.

He even found time to mentor his classmates in their work.

For showing great leadership, initiative and all-round excellence, his lecturers believe Hong Wei has what it takes to achieve his dreams and more.

From the Heart

Hong Wei shared: "I knew I had the right attitude and mindset to succeed at ITE.

"Unlike in secondary school, I was hungry for opportunities and ITE allowed me to explore a wide variety.

"After my first semester at ITE, I was confident that I had reliable lecturers and staff who would ensure my success – all of them, including the Student Development and Finance Services departments, which have contributed in some ways, too!

"Because of them, I knew I could do it and was able to charge towards my goal, which was to pursue Accountancy at Ngee Ann Polytechnic."

Life after ITE

Hong Wei is currently pursuing a Diploma in Accountancy at Ngee Ann Polytechnic and aspires to be an accountant or entrepreneur.

Top Achievements

  • As President of the Investment Club, Hong Wei led his team to clinch the 1st Runner-up spot in the Citi-SMU FinLit Challenge in 2019 under the Poly-ITE category. He is also a certified Adjunct Affiliate trainer in certain finance topics and has held several virtual talks despite the onset of COVID-19.

  • He was part of the ACE programme and had participated in several activities, including the US Embassy Mentoring Programme and Overseas Service & Development Programme to Vietnam in 2019.

  • In addition, Hong Wei was Secretary-General of ITE College Central’s Student Council and was selected to take part in the organising of several activities, such as the Mental Wellness Campaign, President’s Cup Challenge and Silver Parade.

  • Hong Wei excelled academically, achieving a GPA score of 4.0. He was in the Director’s List every semester and earned for himself the Student Excellence Award and Halogen Certificate of Merit.

  • Other awards garnered include the National Young Leader Award 2019 (Certificate of Merit), ITE Scholarship (2019), ITE Community Scholarship (2020), and a study grant with Government of Singapore Investment Company.

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