From gangster to law degree holder: S'pore youth turns life around after 4 years in jail

Submitted by Stomper Seca

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

Stomper Seca was once a wayward teenager who was part of a secret society, but his turning point came after he was put behind bars for four years.

Saddened by the numerous reports of bad behviour and crime these days, he shares his own experiences and has valuable advice for everyone.

Said the Stomper:

"It's a short reality story which I hope will be useful for all the youths out there.

"I have read many articles lately on damaging of public property, rioting, murder and etc. It actually deeply saddens me for a reason that youths are carried away with just their emotions.

"I was involved in a secret society gang during my teenage time and got my four whole years ruined.

"The feeling of being a gangster can feel good but later when you are caught by the law, it's never going to bring you anywhere really far and all you know will be that, you have wasted your years behind the bars.

"The same happened to me and I did not have my family's support, unlike how my other siblings or cousins got it. I was always neglected by my family.

"Then I realised, I have always been doing things for them and never lived for myself.

"I decided to kickstart my goals as I always wanted to educate the youths and completed my law degree programme.

"Sooner or later, I would love to start up a voluntary counselling centre or do up free workshops for youths, to be distracted with whatever is least important.

"A simple advice: Life is short and everyone has a reason to why they are brought to this world.

"Live your life with goals and succeed, you will feel even better then getting fame in the wrong way.

"Never take the law for granted as it can simply ruin your life, put you behind bars and it would be too late to even think of your path in life."