From bros to foes (kinda) after man refuses to return $100 that he borrowed

There is a reason why so many people say the talk of money can ruin even the closest of relationships.

Take this two friends, for instance, who went from heart emojis and calling each other bros to spewing vulgarities in a WhatsApp exchange.

Screenshots of the conversation were shared online by Facebook user Soon Wei Chiang, who had loaned $300 to his friend.

However, it seems that his friend, whose name is now saved as 'F***ing Piece Of Shit' in his contact list, only returned $200 before starting to default on payment.

Despite several deadline extensions and false promises, the friend-turned-foe has yet to pay back the remaining $100.

Wei Chiang wrote in his post: "Let's see the difference before lending him [money] and after lending him [money]. Left balance [of] $100 also want [to] run."

Read the full conversation in the gallery above.

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