Young girl sets up her 13-year-old boyfriend to see if he will cheat

Cheaters are a dime a dozen these days. 

A young girl, Sarah, decided to put her relationship to the test by participating in a YouTube programme, To Catch a Cheater. 

Enlisting the help of an actress and the crew, they laid a trap for her unsuspecting boyfriend.

The actress then approached and baited Sarah’s boyfriend with suggestive lines like, "I’m 12, do you like younger girls?"

Things started going downhill fast the moment her boyfriend took the bait, and culminated in the two exchanging numbers and sharing a hug -- while Sarah watches on in horror.

The video has since gone viral and has garnered over three million views to date.

Many netizens have taken to the internet to how their support for Sarah and voice their displeasure for her boyfriend.

What do you think about the video? A publicity stunt or proof that love is dead?

Watch the video below.