You'll wanna run far, far away after seeing what this dude in America found in a drain

Some of us would cringe or freak out when we see a rat crawling out of a drain.

If you are one of them, you should thank your lucky stars that you don't live in Florida, America.

According to The Daily Mail, Louis Camacho was walking on his driveway when he heard a loud hissing sound and felt the ground vibrating.

When he looked inside the drain underneath his driveway, he saw two eyes staring back at him.

The creature was not a rat, but something much bigger.

Believe it or not, Louis saw an alligator lurking in the darkĀ inside the drain.

Fortunately for him, the entrance of the drain was too small for the reptile to climb out of, and Louis managed to capture what he saw on camera.

Have a look at his unusual discovery in the video below.