You won't believe what this guy used to make exquisite looking wedding ring

Weddings and engagements have become increasingly flashy over the years with some brides even demanding a minimum value for their engagement or wedding ring.

However, one man has proved that price does not have to relate to beauty when he crafted a beautiful wedding ring out of the most unlikely of materials: a glass bottle.

His exquisite piece of craftsmanship went viral on Chinese social media garnering over 100,000 likes on Weibo in a day, reports Shanghaiist.

One netizen said:

"It seems that [for weddings] women don't only need to look beautiful, they also need to learn gemstone identification."

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While another joked:

"Why does my diamond ring smell like beer?"

some Chinese women out there wouldn't mind receiving a DIY wedding ring, with one netizen commenting: 

"If my husband had made a ring like this for me, even with no diamond, I still would have married him. 

"I think that something you make yourself is even more precious than a diamond."

Check out his process in the gallery above.