You look like you're giving birth: Girl gets head stuck in pumpkin, mum makes hilarious commentary

There aren't many rules for pumpkin carving, but the most important one should be: Don't stick your head into the pumpkin.

This video from Jukin Media demonstrates why, as a girl inserts her head into her carved pumpkin... and promptly gets stuck in it.

"I can't get it out!" she repeatedly exclaims, as her mother laughs and tells her siblings to get their father.

It is soon clear that her ponytail appears to be hindering her from removing the pumpkin from her head.

Her siblings try to help but to no avail while the mother laughs and says, "This is going on Facebook for sure."

The girl's father appears later in the video and admits that they should call the fire department for help.

So did she manage to pull her head out of the pumpkin?

Well, like her mother says, "Stay tuned."

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