World's most expensive Pokémon card: Can you guess how much it costs?

Depicting a fan-favourite Pikachu holding drawing utensils, this is the world's most expensive and valuable Pokémon card. 

Priced at £44,068 ($77919.13 SGD), this unique Pokémon card was designed by Atsuko Nishida, one of the chief Pokémon graphic illustrators. 

According to The Lad Bible, 'Pikachu Illusatrator' card was auctioned in Beverly Hills, California, last week.

Only 30 copies of this card were made, making these a highly raved (which explains the shocking price!) and sought after prized collector's piece. 

For all you Pokémon hunters, maybe it is time to try Pokémon card hunting and perhaps, one of those remaining 29 copies out there could be yours!