Workout: The Lazy Edition -- This man shows you how it's done

This man just took laziness and perhaps, multitasking, to a whole new level.

To many, running workout means getting on a treadmill and priming your body for distance and speed.

However, to one rather comical middle-aged Vietnamese man, working out means sitting on a chair and snacking while slightly moving your feet.

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In his Facebook video, Trieu Van Phi is seen sitting comfortably on a wooden chair placed on a treadmill. 

He then munches on a piece of snack and consumes a glass of drink while simultaneously shifting his feet, possibly in an attempt to exercise.

At one point of the video, Trieu is seen taking his neck towel to wipe his perspiration on his forehead. Man, that must have been a pretty tough workout. 

The Facebook clip was uploaded on Sep 29 and has since gone viral with over 10 million views and more than 162,000 shares. 

Could this be the latest workout guide for the lazy crowd? 

You can take a look at the video below.