Women attend New Zealand's horse racing event in nothing but body paint

"What do I wear today" is a question that plagues many of us, but not these women.

The ZM Body Art contest was part of Christchurch, New Zealand's Trotting Cup Day celebrations, which was held on Nov 8. Viralthread reported that the competition is open to both men and women and is judged by a panel.

Many artists chose a comic-book-hero approach with women done up to look like Wonder Woman, Groot and Mystique. The winner was burlesque dancer Angelah Rose Crossan who was painted by Angela Pethig.

Pethig called her piece "Miss Canterbury" as it depicted "all of the iconic things" she loved about Christchurch. 

The Christ Church Cathedral was painted on the center of Crossan's stomach and Cathedral Square's Chalice sculpture lined her neck.

It took Pethig, a Design and Arts College make-up tutor, ten hours to complete the piece.

The annual Trotting Cup Day is considered the most prestigious racing event in New Zealand.

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