Woman who had affair with married man stripped and bashed up in Malaysia

Wednesday, Sep 28, 2016

A woman accused of having an affair with a married man was forcibly undressed and bashed up by two other women.

The assault was recorded and has gone viral on social media sites, reported Harian Metro.

"She was not only hurt but also humiliated publicly on social media and she is now traumatised," said the victim's mother known as Ani at a press conference.

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The victim, known as Nora, was shamed publicly after two videos of her getting stripped forcibly and assaulted by a woman, known as Nadia, at a hotel in Sungai Golok on Wednesday were uploaded.

The videos which were believed to have been recorded by Nadia showed how Nora was assaulted by her and her friend.

Apart from the duo, there are three others in the video believed to be Nadia's husband and two other women believed to be Nadia's friend and a Thai woman.

Nora received eight stitches on her head and also suffered bruises on her body.