Woman thought everyone was staring at her because she looked pretty but sadly, that was not the case

What's your most embarrassing moment? This might be Kitty Hassan's.

A Malaysian man, Asyraf Hanafi, tweeted screenshots of his conversation with Kitty telling him a funny story. 

Her WhatsApp message reads: 

"Beloved, do you want to hear a story?

"Today, after I reached my office, I went out to buy milk.

"Even though I wore my scarf anyhow, did not wear it properly and make it pretty, there were people looking at me. 

"Then I went for lunch and as I was in the queue, ordering food, someone looked at me and smiled.

"This Aunty behind me tapped my shoulder but I thought it was just an accident.

"I turned and just smiled at her.

"I placed my order and went back to my office. 

"Then I went to take a dump. 

'After exiting the cubicle, I sat facing the mirror in the toilet because I am vain. 

"Then you know what happened next?"

The guy asked, "What happened?" and she replied, "I realised I wore the dress inside out."

After the guy called her bimbo, she said, "Pity me. No wonder people were looking. I thought it's because I'm a natural beauty. "

Check out the gallery for the photos of her wearing the dress and the screenshots.