Woman sends fiance her pinky toe to make into a wearable pendant

Ever wondered what flowers, chocolates and a book have in common? Duh, they are gifts people send to those they love. However, sometimes that may not be enough. People want to gift something that reminds the person they are smitten with them at all times. A gift that's really close to the heart like a polaroid picture...or even a pinky toe?

Wait what pinky toe? So like they cut their toe off and send it to their special someone via the Internet? How does that even work?

Let us take a look.

According to Distractify, a girl named Lana (cummy-eyelids) recently received a pinky toe pendant from her Internet friend Haley, and before you think that she amputated her toe for this she did not. Turns out, that toe was removed nearly a decade ago via surgery due to a condition called Brachymetatarsia.

Does that explain what is going on? Not really? Well at least we now know she did not snip her toe for this.