Woman pushed to her death in front of New York subway train

A woman shoved an unidentified traveller off a New York City subway platform who died on the path of an approaching train on Mon (Nov 7) around 1am EST  (2am Singapore time).

The victim was instantly murdered as bystanders witness the tragic death.

According to Reuters via AsiaOne, the victim was a woman who was pushed off just as a southbound No. 1 train pulled into Times Square station. 

The police mentioned that the suspect who was wearing a pink shirt and scarf lunged at the victim on the platform.

Two hours after the incident, emergency responders were working to remove the woman's body from the tracks and resume the subway's service before peak hour. 

Mr William Aubry, the police department's chief of  Manhattan detectives said, "Investigators were reviewing surveillance video and interviewing witnesses to determine a motive."

He added that those who witnessed the attack seemed visibly shaken and some said that the victim and the suspect were involved in a dispute but whether they knew each other or not remains unknown.