Woman gets slammed for putting on fake accent and claiming that she has 'soooo much mix'

A woman who claimed that she has 'lots of mix' has incurred the wrath of netizens after her video went viral.

In the beginning video that was posted on BeautifulNara.com, the woman can be first seen saying that she gets asked by people about her 'mix'.

She then goes on to say with a rather poorly executed fake Western accent that she has 'lots of mix' including 'Chinese' and Pakistan'.

Towards the end of the minute-long video, the woman said that that was how she talks and that each of her siblings have their own slang.

Her video did not sit too well with netizens who took to the comments section to voice their opinions.

Said netizen Adam Lewis Yates:

"Your mix has nothing to do with your accent or command of language. Your grammar is horrid."

Said another unimpressed netizen:

"IMPORTANT, PLEASE READ. For case like this, in order to exorcise the bad spirit within her, holy words wont help. There is only a way, which is to swing your hands with a speed of approximately 580km/h till you successfully land your palm on her cheeks. If it doesn't work, try the same method but with your elbow."

Netizen Nur Syamimi Man has defended the woman while admitting that she made a bad video.

Read his comment:

"I follow her Instagram, all of her posts are mostly very motivating. She shared about how to handle insecurity and how to love yourself. She always prioritize her mom. Sad how she is known bcos of her 1 bad video."

Well, as the saying goes, don't hunt what you can't kill, and this woman probably learnt that the hard way.