Woman fakes being raped and kidnapped by sending BF pics of her gagged and bleeding

A woman's horrific story about being kidnapped, raped and beaten has been found to be completely fake.

Elite Daily reports that 25-year-old Leiha Artman from Muskegon, Michigan had sent disturbing photos that showed her bleeding and gagged to her boyfriend earlier in March.

The pictures were accompanied by a message demanding ransom.

Artman later told police that she was abducted by four men who threw her into a vehicle outside her home on March 27. She also alleged that she endured two days of torture.

Her boyfriend picked her up from a location near her mother’s home two days later but no ransom was exhanged.

Artman has been sentenced to one year's jail after pleading guilty to charges of making a false report of kidnap and rape.

It is unclear why she made up the story, but her boyfriend said she was "a good woman and a good mother" and was "a heroin addict that needed help and rehab".