Woman in China discovers that BF is blood donor who saved her life 9 years ago

Ma Chi
China Daily / ANN via 
Thursday, Jan 19, 2017

In an extraordinary case of blood donation, the fates of the donor and beneficiary became tied together for life, reported Chongqing Morning Post.

Nine years ago, Lin Xiaofen went to a hospital in Taipei after getting very sick. She fell into coma and suffered massive blood loss. She was only able to make a narrow escape after receiving a large blood transfusion.

Recently, Lin shared the experience with her boyfriend Lian Zhicheng. The man, who is a frequent blood donor, jokingly asked: "Maybe it is my blood?"

Curiously, Lin checked the records of the hospital. To her surprise, the donor who saved her nine years ago was actually her boyfriend.

Lian said humorously: "Go donate your blood now, because you have a chance to bring a wife home."