Wife with stage four cancer dies on first wedding anniversary, leaving doting husband shattered

Kamal Effendi married his wife, Idzni Dalila, after only six months of dating despite knowing she was a stage four cancer patient and she died yesterday (Dec 27) at 3am.

The couple got married on the very same date just last year.

His Instagram bio states, "Idzni Dalila's other half" and his other posts shows how much he cared for his wife whom he was very proud of. 

After dating for just six months, the Malaysian couple got married and had a long distance relationship due to Idzni studying in London. 

Her dream of becoming a doctor was fulfilled and they were happily married but their marriage was only meant to last for a year.

View the gallery to read his heartbreaking Instagram posts to catch a glimpse of how their lives were and how he feels after her demise.