Who left these hot bikini models to freeze in the snow?

These days companies do anything they can to market their product -- and that includes not quite bothering about the welfare of the people involved.

Let us take a look at this marketing event belonging to a ski resort in China for instance.

So this ski resort wanted to promote themselves though it was not the winter season yet, and because they wanted to attract as many people as they could -- they used hot babes as their promotional tools.

While the ski resort did get loads of attention -- it was not exactly GOOD attention. According to a report by The Coverage, netizens were furious about the models being left in the snow adorning nothing but their two piece.

As seen from the images, the models did not look too happy -- clearly because they were shivering in the freezing cold weather.

While being creative with marketing is important, companies should sure set some limits too. 

This is certainly not right at all...