What are you '(s)urchin' for? Chinese tourists snatch sea urchins straight from sea at Italian fishing village

We have had a fair share of Chinese tourists behaving badly-from peeing in Australia's gardens to letting their kids run loose at the Russia's palace.

Now Chinese tourists are terrorising the quiet beaches of Cinque Terre, Italy. 

Posted by TVBS, a Taiwanese TV station, the tourists can be seen manhandling the poor sea urchins and taking photos of it.

The videographer can be heard expressing disbelief over what is going on.

The tourists also pass the sea urchins around and a woman can be seen trying to smash a sea urchin with a rock.

According to the Shanghaiist, local fisherman had told the group's tour guide that the sea urchins could not be removed from the sea as they were too small, but the tourists did not listen.