We've found the world's most beautiful math teacher thanks to this viral video

Math is commonly known to be the most hated subject by most students all over the world due to the various theorems, equations, rules...it's no wonder kids get confused.

But what if math teachers were as beautiful as her? Think it'll help spark more interest in the subject? 

Thanks to ThatViralFeed, some students have discovered the world's most beautiful math teacher (we have a video too!)

Known as the sexy math teacher who has taken the Internet by storm, Oksana Neveselaya is from Minsk,Belarus, and studied at the National University of Kiev, reported DailyMail.

Ever since the video of her teaching went viral (more than 30,000 views in four days), Miss Neveselaya swept Youtube and garnered a huge Instagram following of more than 173,000 fans.

DailyMail also reported that the number of likes on her Facebook page jumped more than 3,000 per cent in the last week alone.

In the 45-second video, the beautiful blonde is seen wearing a form-fitting sleeveless grey dress and caged sandals, along with her hair worn in waves.

She's seen addressing the class before turning back to the whiteboard to scribble.

And boy does she look amazing even while scribbling on the whiteboard.

Check her out on Instagram for more saucy selfies!