We are just good friends: Joe Chen kisses Wang Kai, then visits his parents

Taiwanese celebrity Joe Chen (陳喬恩) has been filming a series in China recently.

She filmed a kissing scene with Chinese actor, Wang Kai (王凱), reports Asian E-News Portal.

Three years ago, Joe announced that the opposite party was forbidden from french kissing when filming with Wallace Huo (霍建華) and Ethan Juan (阮經天).

However, Joe took the initiative to french kiss Wang Kai in the latest drama and some netizens commented: "She says the opposite party is forbidden, but excluding herself."

Another guessed that Joe put in her real feelings when filming it.

It is rumoured that both visited their parents in Wuhan but Wang Kai clarified: "She is working there and wants to visit my parent as well.

"Hence, my parents became her tour guides who bring her to eat and shop around. We are good friends only."