Wasa-That?! The wasabi you have at your sushi joint probably isn't real

For all you sushi junkies out there, wasabi may be a near necessary condiment.

The green substance stimulates the nasal passage and gives a fiery kick to the already delightful texture of the sushi.

Now for the grand reveal; what you’ve been eating probably isn’t wasabi. 

According to UFUNK, more often than not, dyed horse radish is often used as a more affordable substitute for real wasabi, which is rarer and hence, more costly.

In fact, real wasabi has a complex taste; spicy followed by a sweet aftertaste, as explained by an experienced sushi chef in the video.

The high prices of wasabi stems from the demanding conditions needed to cultivate the crops, including a delicate balance of sunlight, spring water and temperature. 

Watch the video below and discover more about the humble wasabi.