Video recording of huge 'UFO' in Kelantan goes viral

A video recording showing a huge 'UFO' said to be seenĀ in Kelantan, Malaysia, caused momentary panic among netizens after it was posted on YouTube.

In the video, a huge flying object can be seen hovering above several palm trees against a tropical backdrop.

As it turns out, the footage of the 'UFO' was deemed a fake by authorities.

According to Malaysian Digest, the police have since issued a public statement calling on Malaysians to not panic over the fake viral news about the UFO sighting.

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The confusion arose as the video uploaded online had been credited to an established government linked news agency.

Police chief Supt Abdullah Roning said no report was lodged over the alleged UFO sighting.

The video has been featured on several news sites like The Star Online, The Rakyat Post and The Daily Mail.

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