Video of Malaysian abang feeding elderly indian uncle by hand wins over netizens, shows care transcends race or religion

A Malaysian man recently became the subject of the internet’s adoration after he was filmed feeding an elderly uncle by hand, an act which is reserved mostly for mothers feeding their children or caregivers tending to the sick and feeble. 

The video, apparently taken at a foodcourt in Malaysia was uploaded onto the Tamils Media Malaysia Facebook page along with the accompanying  caption: “Respect abang melayu! Inilah namanya prihatin manusia tanpa kira agama Dan bangsa …”, which translates to “Respect this Malay brother! This is what it means to care for another, regardless of race or religion.”

It’s since been shared over 6,000 times, reports Free Malaysia Today

In the video, the man is seen holding a plate of food which he feeds to an elderly uncle dressed in T-shirt, seated beside him.

After the man fed the uncle one or two handful of food, the uncle started gesturing that he didn’t want any more. 

When man continued feeding him anyway, and the uncle complied and took another mouthful before sipping a drink. 

The man even comically told bystanders to get seated at the table so he could feed them too, before feeding the uncle again, this time with some prawns.

He told the uncle:

“Eat… eat… have you eaten yet? 

“Here’s some prawn… it’s delicious.”

The uncle stood up at this point and told him that he didn’t want any more food and proceeded to leave the table. 

Many Facebook users felt inspired by the kindness of the man and left encouraging comments.

Said one user, Nur Rina Johari:

“It’s hard to find someone like this…

“He’s a good example and a role model for our children.”

Another, Kanna Kannan added:

“You’re a hero for me, brother.

“And an example for all Malaysians and humanity as a whole.”

The venue and timing of the video cannot be ascertained. 

Watch the video below and get inspired.