US mother solicited men online to rape her 10-year-old daughter who was stabbed, strangled and dismembered

A 10-year-old girl's dismembered body was found in her home in New Mexico last month after police were called to the scene.

According to AFP via The Straits Times, Victoria Martens was killed just hours before her 10th birthday party.

She had been given methamphetamine and was sexually assaulted, stabbed and strangled before she was dismembered.

Her mother, Michelle Martens, 35, confessed to police that she had solicited men online and at work to rape her daughter.

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She had reportedly set up at least three encounters for her daughter.

She told police that she did not solicit the men for money but because "she enjoyed watching".

Albuquerque police chief Gorden Eden Jr said in August after Victoria's body was discovered:

"This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career.

"A complete disregard of human life and betrayal by a mother."