Ungrateful son beats up parents in the street for buying him an apartment that is 'too small'

A viral video showing a young man beating up an older couple in the streets of China has sparked uproar among netizens.

The couple turned out to be the man's parents, and they had bought him an apartment as a wedding present.

However, the ungrateful son apparently got angry because the flat was "too small".

He then started to run away when passers-by started to get involved when they learned that the man was attacking his own parents.

The man would have gotten thrashed by the mob if the cops had not have shown up first, reports Shanghaiist.

Police brought the man back to the station where he revealed to them why he was so angry at his mom and dad.

Hopefully, the bride sees this and finds someone better, and the old couple find better ways to spend their money.