Try not to freak out after seeing operating table move on its own at morgue in India

A video circulating online shows an operating table at a medical facility in India apparently moving on its own.

According to a caption on the footage uploaded on Real Ghost Stories, the incident was recorded by CCTV at the morgue of Malda Medical College in West Bengal, India. A timestamp on the video indicated that it was captured on Mar 7 at 1.30am.

In the video, the wheeled operating table can be first seen moving on its own at an outdoor area of the facility.

It rolled back and fourth before toppling over a kerb.

A second video shows the table moving by itself in the presence of a human being.

The man, presumably a staffer at the morgue, appeared to be washing his hands before walking up to the table.

As he was approaching it, the table then rolled away from him on its own.

The man walked away immediately.

Skeptical netizens have offered explanations about the bizarre occurrence.

Some speculated that it was blown by the wind, while others said that they were being pulled by fishing lines. 

Have a look at the video below and decide for yourself if there are supernatural forces at work.