This treehouse already looks impressive from the outside -- but wait till you see its inside

Tree houses always elicit a sense of wonder from kids but as they grow up, it gets harder to climb trees.

However, a luxury tree house exists that any adult would love to live in. 

According to Viral Thread, it is located on the Jurassic coast in southwest England.

The 30-foot house is supported by stilts as it is too much for the Oak tree it is built on to hold alone.

The home comes complete with pizza oven, a hot tub, a rope bridge and a sauna.

It was built by London designer Guy Mallinson and architect Keith Brownlie and took five months to create.

Guy said:

“When guests saw all of our handmade glamping yurts, tipis and woodland structures, they would often say they wanted us to build a tree house using the traditional craft skills that we teach on our courses.

“I’ve always wanted to build a tree house, who hasn’t?”

Check it out in the gallery above.