This old lady travels through 90 years of her life in one single day

Sometimes, you will never know the true meaning of a moment until it becomes a memory. 

Known as 'A Day', this award-winning nostalgic video on Viddsee takes you through a grandmother's journey as she travels through 90 years of her lifetime in one day. 

Set in modern day South Korea, the grandmother meets a series of herself in the past.

Though the day seems just like any other regular day, it is a very special day to her, as it marks the last day of her husband's stay on earth. 

The optimistic and smiley old woman finally runs into the moment when she met her husband for the first time, where she bought some tangerines there and took a load off her mind as she looks up to the sky, on the way back to the present.

Get your tissues ready and check out the heartwarming video below.

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