This kid may be the next Bruce Lee -- with the moves and body to prove it

One kid has taken social media by storm thanks to his super-toned body and lightning-quick fighting techniques.

A video posted on Facebook on Feb 15 shows the kid performing a series of kicks and punches before doing push ups.

Judging from his appearance, he looks no more than 10 years old.

The beginning of the video shows the boy punching a chair that had a dumb bell placed on it.

He then effortlessly executed a spinning high kick before raining more punches on the chair.

A few more kicks and punches were performed before he ended part one of his routine.

The next part of the video shows the boy doing push ups -- with two fingers. 

He did a total of 15 push ups before standing up and giving the camera a death stare.

A photo accompanying the video on Facebook shows how jacked the boy is thanks to his training. 

His biceps and chest muscles can clearly seen, but the most impressive part of his body is his wash-board abs.

Bruce Lee left the martial arts world with big shoes to fill, but seeing the moves of this young kid, we think a successor might have been found.