This 27-year-old will become the first woman to visit every country in the world

Heard of the dude who managed to visit every country in the world before turning 40?

It is definitely an amazing accomplishment, but thanks to Distractify, we have found someone else who kind of broke his 'record'.

Heard of the saying "girls do it better"? We do not know what exactly they are referring to, but we are sure it applies to visiting every country in the world in record time.

Cassandra De Pecol has almost visited every single country in the world and she is only 27 years old.

Her goal is to become the become the first youngest American female and fastest traveler on earth to visit all the world's 196 countries.

She has already ventured 181 countries so far, and has 39 days to finish the remaining 15, which we believe the Connecticut native can easily accomplish.

The name of her worldwide adventure is Expedition 196.

So you might be wondering how she juggles traveling and her job. Well, she is employed as an ambassador for peace with the International institute for Peace Through Tourism, reported the site.

Her entire life revolves around traveling and tourism, along with gorgeous photography which she religiously uploads on to her Instagram account.

Leveraging nearly 68,000 thousand followers, she gets free hotel stays all over the world as a social media influencer.

Essentially, she is living the life.

Besides being a traveling enthusiast, Cassandra is also into fitness, a triathlete and an entrepreneur.

Her trip has cost her almost $200,000 so far, but almost all of it is being covered by sponsors.

She has also been able to do many amazing things, such as cuddling lion cubs, skiing in Colorado coatless, chilling on a beach in Kiribati, visiting the Mostar bridge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and so much more.

For more of Cassandra's adventures, check out her InstagramTwitterFacebook, and her website.