Thai woman wants to sue hospital and surgeon after he completely botches up plastic surgery on her face

A Thai model wanting to change the shape of her jawline was a victim of a surgery that went wrong.

Ploynatchaya “Ploy” Siriphatdeejiranon, 26, filed a complaint against her plastic surgeon  for recklessly causing serious injury.

According to Coconuts Bangkok, she saved money to get money for plastic surgery after being cast in a cosmetic commercial and music video.

She wanted to get work done on her jaw and cheeks to look more beautiful and was told it would cost her THB190,000 ($7,400).

However, she was devastated at how she looked after the surgery.

Her mouth was crooked, the bones in her cheeks were no longer connected to each other and she had a burn mark under her chin.

After contacting the hospital about the burn mark, they told her not to panic and that it would heal after a while.

They also said that the burn was caused by mishandling of a surgical instrument.

She went back to the hospital repeatedly for treatment but there was no improvement.

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She said:

“When they saw that I wasn’t getting any better, they said that they were going to charge me the next time I visited. That made me even more stressed. 

"I confided with my mother about what I should do, and we ended up going to another hospital.

“They scanned my face and told me that they will have to sew and pull my face into place, to stop my cheeks from drooping, which would continue doing so without treatment. 

"It was going to cost me THB15,000 ($580) for every visit.”

This is when she filed a complaint with the police, wishing to sue the hospital and doctor who did this to her.

She added:

“I am no longer confident. 

"I can’t get a job or go to work any longer, because now, I have trouble speaking coherently and there’s always saliva drooling out from my mouth. 

"I have lost serious earning potential, when I should actually be making more. That’s why I want justice and I hope everyone will support me after what I’ve been through.”