Teacher caught dragging screaming student by her hair in China

Teachers are known to administer physical punishments if a situation called for it.

One teacher in China however, took things to a whole new level.

According to Shanghaiist, a female primary school teacher in Dongguan was caught on camera dragging a student on the ground by her hair.

She was filmed by a courier who happened to pass by the school compound.

In the video, the poor student can be heard crying and screaming as she was being dragged on the cemented ground.

The courier then can be heard asking the teacher if that was the way she should be conducting herself.

The latter replied:

"This is not your problem."

She later tried to defend herself by claiming that the student was her daughter.

Another video shows the student's real mother confronting the school's principal.

Following the incident, the teacher was suspended and investigations are ongoing.