Taipei fire department's shirtless firefighters set netizens' hearts ablaze

Pictures of hunky and shirtless firemen from the New Taipei Fire Department (NTFD) have spread like wildfire online and sent netizens swooning.

The photos were taken for the department’s 2017 calendar and have gone viral after being shared by media outlets in Taiwan.

According to Buzzfeed, the images "aim to show the professionalism, determination, and charm of the firefighters, who are dedicated to protecting citizens and their safety".

They have also led to a flurry of excited comments from fangirls, who said that they are getting 'nosebleeds' and that their bodies are 'on fire'.

One user even wrote, "I’m sure there are people who have gotten pregnant just by looking at these photos!!! There must be!!!" while another said, "Sorry but my house is on fire. Can you come come extinguish it?"

Unfortunately, the calendars are not for sale.

Not to worry, though -- fans can still stand a chance of winning a copy by donating to the Down Syndrome Foundation ROC and participating in competitions posted on NTFD's Facebook page.