Super rare white cucumber found by Qingdao restaurant owner

A rare albino sea cucumber has been found by a restaurant owner in China.

According to Shanghaiist, Mr Li, bought the white sea cucumber from a local fisherman, earlier that day,

"I opened this restaurant 15 years ago, I've brought hundreds of thousands of sea cucumbers, this is the first time I've seen a white one," Mr Li, a Qingdao restaurant owner, told a news reporter.

There was a white sea cucumber among the commonly-colored sea cucumbers and it was 18cm long. 

He explained that a white sea cucumber can only be found by a fisherman once every three to four years.

Out of 200,000 sea cucumbers, only one would be white.

This makes the white sea cucumber worth more than their weight in gold.

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In fact, five of them were sold for 160,000 yuan ($32,652).

The creature is uncommon due to it's genetic variation but also because it is not equipped to survive in its habitat since it cannot hide from the predators. 

Despite it's lack of camouflaging abilities, some people believe that the creature has miraculous healing powers, and can even cure cancer. 

Others believed it brings good luck.

Scientists have tried to clone the creatures by modifying their genetics and in 2015, SCMP reported on a group of Chinese researchers in Qingdao who was successful in obtaining 150 million baby white sea cucumber by modifying the gene responsible for albinism.

As for Mr Li, he wishes to donate it to a marine research center so as to do his part to further understand the strange creature.