Pregnant accountant discovers BF two-timing her with 3 women, gets accused of being love scammer

A 32-year-old pregnant accountant discovered that her 33-year-old engineer boyfriend had been two-timing her with three other girls and confronted him, only for him to accuse her of being a lover scammer, and demanding a paternity test to reaffirm that he is the father of her unborn child. 

The victim told reporters that he had met her boyfriend via a badminton event two years ago, reports Shin Min Daily News via Lianhe Zaobao

Both are Malaysian citizens and work in Singapore.

More than one year back, the two began talking, and hit it off.

They then decided to get together as a couple. 

Said the accountant:

“When it first started, everything was so blissful and wonderful.

“He was so attentive and caring.

“Since I stayed in Johor Bahru, and he in Singapore, he would spend his leaves with me whenever he had the chance.”

Not long after dating, she found out that she was pregnant:

“My boyfriend was so happy at first.

“I even brought him back to my hometown to see my parents.

“He even found a place for me in Singapore as he did not want me exhaust myself.

“The rent was paid and I moved in on Feb 15, 2017.”

However, one day, she accidentally stumbled upon her boyfriend’s marriage photo:

“I was devastated.

“I confronted him and asked him if he was already married, and he told him he had two kids, one four years old and the other five. 

“He then started reassuring me, saying he had no feelings for his wife anymore, and would file for a divorce with his wife once his kids were 18 years of age.”

She gave in she said, because she loved him too much and genuinely believed his words.

Little did she expect that this was the beginning of a nightmare. 

The woman lamented:

“One day, I found another photo of him with a girl.

“I called him immediately, but the person who received the call on the other end sounded like a Chinese woman.

“She told me she was his girlfriend, and threatened to have me beaten up.”

Later, her boyfriend told her that his phone had been stolen by his ex-girlfriend, but she would not believe him, citing that his phone was locked with a password, and his ex wouldn't have been able to unlock it in the first place, much less answer it. 

She told people online about her story:

“After I shared my story online, someone direct messaged me, saying that another girl had been a victim too.

“A friend also told me that I was the second victim.

“I found out that he was seeing three other women -- while we were dating.”

Her boyfriend claimed that she had demanded for a S$10,000 ‘separation fee’ after his infidelity came to light. 

When reporters interviewed the man, he admitted that he was already married but accused his girlfriend of being a love scammer:

“While we were together, she already knew about my wife

“She herself has a 12-year-old son.”

He claimed that he had told her he would be responsible for the unborn child, but said that he found her to have ‘character defects’ and even wanted to extort $10,000 from him.

He added:

“I had to forward the money to the bank account she sent before she would leave me alone.”

He also cited that he would go through with a paternity check to determine if the child is his, should she insist on giving birth to the child.